Warranty – Guarantee – Refund Policy

(Woodboring Pest Disclaimer)

Why do we say “Warranty” and not “Guarantee”?

A guarantee simply means that a company “will do” something, whereas a Warranty says they will Guarantee what they do.  Anybody can guarantee you a pest treatment.  All that means is that they will do the treatment.  Our “Warranty” tells you we are going to do it really, really well!  All treatments for Carpenter Ants, Termites or Powder Post Beetles (As a group referred to as WDIs) are services warranted for 12 months from the date of original service or documented renewal/extension.  This means that we will return and re-treat in order to gain or regain control of the WDI treated for without additional charge to the client.


This is NOT a damage warranty. In no way are we responsible for damage prior to or subsequent to our service having been rendered. We do not repair damage and are not qualified to evaluate damage from a structural importance perspective. No visible attribute of damage can be used to accurately estimate age.

Spot Treatments:

Coverage is limited to the exact areas originally treated.


Coverage is transferable to new and subsequent owners of a property.


Warranty services will be performed during off-peak periods, in accordance with our availability and run of schedule.


We reserve the right to determine the need for warranty service as well as the type and extent thereof and shall not be bound by the statements or judgments of others in this regard.


NO REFUNDS. We DO NOT offer a money-back warranty or guarantee.


Swarming termites do not necessarily indicate a failed treatment. Termites often swarm for several seasons after successful treatment because of how they live and hatch deep below ground. Our goal is to protect the house from workers, not swarming.

NON-wood boring pests:

All other pest treatments except Bed Bugs carry 90 days of warranty. All other terms and conditions are the same. Bed Bug treatments are sold a-la-carte and carry no guarantee of any kind.

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