TMP Contract Details


Terms and Conditions of Coventry Pest Control’s Trimester Management Plan

Here are a few quick points to remember… (Otherwise known as the legal mumbo-jumbo)

  • Our treatment system is perfectly safe for you and your pet under normal circumstances.  Do not allow children or animals to handle, consume or chew on monitors, traps or other materials used.
  • The purpose of TMP is to limit the presence of certain pests within your home to reasonable and acceptable levels through a system of integrated control measures including, but not limited to, pesticide applications, traps, and baits, monitoring, customer advice, and instruction.  Target pests include all regular crawling insects, nests of hornets or wasps, earwigs, centipedes, spiders, and many similar pests, and mice.  Service locations include any areas which are accessible without ladders, drilling or excessive risk to the technician. Carpenter Ants are covered after the first full year.  Termites and parasites are excluded.  Should you be dissatisfied with the program your remedy is limited to cancellation without further obligation.  Coventry Pest Control (CPC) provides no damage or money back warranty or guarantee of any kind.
  • Trimester Management Plan (TMP) includes three cycles per year, in the spring, summer, and fall. Exact dates will be determined by the weather and best practice considerations.  Cycles begin on the first day of each season.   Invoices are due when mailed.  Call ahead appointments are available at an additional charge, otherwise, we only call if we need to get inside your home. Services may not be skipped. Termite Monitoring Program service and termite treatments are at extra cost. All equipment remains the property of Coventry Pest Control.  We reserve the right to review or decline any application or service at our discretion.  Failure to follow our suggestions will reduce your satisfaction with the program. Our treatment system is perfectly safe for you and your pet.
  • Pricing may be adjusted at any time.  CPC may accept or decline any contract without cause. To avoid bookkeeping hassles, we use a strict and simple bookkeeping plan: Invoices are due upon receipt.  Service will be withheld at our discretion until payment is received.  Repeated late payments will result in a fee increase.  Failure to pay will result in termination.  Our books close in November.
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