The single most economically important insect problem we deal with is termites. Some studies say that termites cause more damage than fires.  Every spring it is termites that lead the parade of calls to our office phones.

In the photos, you’ll see two very different looking groups.  The swarmers, or alates, are the type of termites most people see flying around or landing in window sills, getting caught in spider webs, etc.  Note that their bodies are straight, not the “beaded chain” of an ant body.  Termite swarmers are disturbing but they are not the ones that do the damage.  The troublemakers are the termite workers, shown in the second photo. You won’t see workers unless you open up a mud shelter tube or break open a piece of wood where they are eating… But, if you see swarmers… you’ll have workers!

Termite Swarmers

Note that their bodies are straight, not the “beaded chain” of an ant body.

Termite Workers

The troublemakers that eat your wood!

Not sure if you have termites or carpenter ants?

See Side by Side Comparison.

  • Termites chew more than wood.  Paper, cloth, rugs, artwork and even Styrofoam can be damaged by these tiny insects.

  • Termite tunnels can be re-used by ants who will kill and eat the termites.

  • Termites are not impressed by pressure treated wood and will readily eat it.

  • Termites live in the soil and only come up in your house for food.

  • Termites return to the soil repeatedly all day and will die if separated from it.

  • Termites feed each other and no termite can feed itself.

Not sure you have termites?    Just want to find out?

Coventry Pest Control also offers termite monitoring systems to evaluate the need for treatment.  Think of these as “smoke detectors for termites.”

Coventry Pest Control has treated hundreds of local homes against termites and we can design a custom program to protect your home based on the nature of the infestation, the kind of structure and the soil conditions around your home.

Coventry Pest Control recommends Termidor Termiticide for most termite control work where a non-repellent product is called for and Maxxthor Termiticide when the job calls for a repellent. Occasionally a client will do their own research and have a strong preference for a particular material to be used. Our concierge approach also allows us to use any properly registered pesticide the client may prefer so long as we are given sufficient notice to acquire the product.

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