Fleas & Ticks

We group ticks and fleas together because they are closely related. Not in the insect world, but in our pets’ world. Most of the time ticks and fleas are introduced into our homes by our pets, and it is mostly our pets who suffer the from their presence. Of course, this is not exclusively the case.  Homes without pets that have a flea problem often also have a mouse problem. The fleas came with the mice. And in some cases, we humans manage to infest our own homes.

So what do you do? Well, if you have pets, be sure they have been properly treated by your vet. Then, to get the house straightened out, call Coventry Pest Control! We can make applications to both your home and your yard to help control these blood thirsty insects.

Cat Flea (Not life-size, thank goodness!)
Brown Dog Tick (Will infest any color dog!)
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