Carpenter Ants

photo of another huge black ant or carpenter ant in Kent CountyProbably the most common pest you’ll find in your yard and in your home is the Carpenter Ant. They are often called “Big Black Ants” but that is not always an accurate description. Not all Carpenter Ants are big and not all are black.  Sometimes they are two-toned or even bright red! There are several species found here in Rhode Island accounting for the variations but regardless of what color you find, they all damage homes.

Ants, including Carpenter Ants, look a lot like Termites, see the differences here.

photo of another variety of Carpenter Ant in Kent CountyCommon behaviors are getting onto the dishwasher, crawling in cabinets, infesting foods and being just plain ugly! Contrary to popular belief, Carpenter Ants DO NOT eat wood. They just chew it up to get it out of the way so they can live in the hollow space created. Carpenter Ants will live in anything hollow including metal curtain rods and plastic doors. Their food is the same as any other ant and that is just about anything edible.

photo of one type of Carpenter Ant or Big Black AntCarpenter Ant colonies generally start off in rotten trees somewhere near a home then, after a few years, seek to establish satellite colonies in our homes.  It is usually at this point that people become aware of them and call us, which means that we are seldom dealing with a truly “new” colony.  We can knock them down quickly, but eliminating that main colony can be tough, especially since it may not even be on your own property.  That means that you may have an ongoing battle on your hands with carpenter ants as they constantly seek to reestablish those satellite colonies.

Carpenter Ants are the single most common pest for which we are called.  Coventry Pest Control will provide a comprehensive Carpenter Ant correction program for your home.  Service is often available within 24 hours.  You do NOT need to be home when service is performed.  Our services are safe for you and your pets.  Unlike many competitors, Coventry Pest guarantees our work for a FULL YEAR!

For long-term control, we recommend our Trimester Service Plan to maintain your protection.

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