Coventry Pest Control DOES NOT provide services to control:

Bats, Beaver, Bear, Cats, Coyotes, Snakes or Skunks.

While all of these animals are occasionally encountered in our service area, their control is best accomplished by companies specializing in these unique problems.

In the case of cats, the legalities involved as well as profoundly illogical boarding, holding & advertising requirements and an exploding feral population (due largely to the misguided practices of feeding wild cats and allowing un-altered pets to roam free) combine to create an atmosphere which is adversarial and untenable from a commercial control perspective.

Bats and beavers require specialized equipment.  Bear and Coyotes should be addressed by your local government authorities.  Snakes, quite simply, are not hurting anything and should be left alone.  And skunks… we just don’t need the hassle.


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