Company History

Our company was founded in 1989 as Pro-Tec Professional Pest Control.  The name was derived from the words Providence Technicians because, at that time, that’s where I lived.  I quickly found out that there were a whole bunch of other companies with very similar names in businesses ranging from auto repair to safety equipment.  That was confusing for my clients and didn’t go over well with those other businesses,  Within the year I moved to Coventry and that gave me the idea for the name change.

I initially accepted clients from anywhere in the state but it soon became obvious that if I spread myself too thin, quality would suffer.  I refuse to provide anything less than the highest standards to all clients, and I couldn’t do that while running from Woonsocket to Westerly.  So though I am licensed for the whole state, I limit the scope of my advertising to the middle of that geography.

By 2014 we finally outgrew the space we had in Coventry for 26 years and have now relocated to a roomier facility, just off Rt 295.  But Coventry will always be my home. It’s great to be “The LOCAL Guy”. 

Certification vs Licensure

You may be one of those curious souls who notices that, while nearly every pest control guy mentions that he (or she) is licensed, there are far fewer of us who use the word “certified”.  You may even wonder what the difference is. Well, here’s your answer…

A certified PCO (Pest Control Operator) has greater knowledge, wider experience and the ability (and legal right) to use more and better products than a licensed person.

All for-hire pest control technicians are required by law to be licensed.  They have to attend a certain number of hours of classroom training and are held to certain minimum standards of knowledge about their trade and the pesticides they apply.  If anyone comes to your home to apply pesticides for money, you have every right to ask to see that person’s license.

However, some pest control people take their trade to a higher level.  A professional level.  We don’t stop at just the “required” training that licensed people settle for.  We take added courses, attend additional training, and really put in the work to develop our skills and hone them to a keen edge.  In general, we spend a lot more years in the business and are far more experienced.

The Department of Environmental Management specifies various categories such as “Household Pest management” and “Termite Management” and so forth.  We receive credentials of certification when we demonstrate an exceptional grasp of the knowledge base in each area.  Then we must continue to attend ongoing training in order to keep those certifications year by year.

Tom Brennan received his pest control license in 1983 and worked diligently to attain certification in his first category in 1984.  He then continued to work to add all categories applicable to residential and commercial pest management and is also a graduate of the Purdue University curriculum in Advanced Level Urban and Industrial Pest Integrated Pest Management Science.

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