Why are you buying pest control? And why should you buy it from me?
The obvious answer to the first question is that there is something in your house that you would rather were not. The second question can be answered several ways, depending upon what motivates YOU.

So what is most important to you: Price, availability or… trust?

Price? Price is a very popular motivator. Many people buy from a particular source simply because they have a need, they have to pay for it and they’d rather pay as little as possible so they choose the source that is cheapest. Fair enough. I make no attempt to be the cheapest guy around. You can read more about that decision at the bottom of this article.

Availability? Another popular motivator has to do with our being able to get there fast. The client needs the job done quickly and they hire whichever company can get there fastest. I can generally get the job done within 24 hours. But then, so can most companies.

That brings us to Trust. Trust is a huge motivator which is very popular for excellent reasons. Your home is your single largest investment and protecting it is critical. So let’s look at what engenders trust between a customer and a company…  Here are some simple facts: The overwhelming majority of people in the pest management business work for large companies. The average employee of a major pest management company is a guy between 21 and 30 years of age with less than five years of personal experience. So if trust (based upon experience, knowledge and stability)  is what’s important to you, the large companies aren’t your answer.  But…

My personal experience exceeds 30 years, and my company, Coventry Pest Control is more than 25 years old.  And when it comes to effectiveness:  With the last 25 years of my personal experience being self employed I have been able to keep track of how many people have needed to call me back because they weren’t happy. Over those 25 years my average percentage of callbacks is under 0.25% In other words, fewer than 1 in four hundred clients have found a treatment I have done to be unsatisfactory. So if you hire me to do your pest control the odds are four hundred to one in favor of your being happy!

For cheap, fast work… there are a lot of other guys out there.   Coventry Pest Control is your best choice for effective, experienced and trustworthy professional pest service.

More about buying by price: If you are the price conscious buyer you’ll find my pricing competitive but I do not aim to be the cheapest guy. My reasons are numerous but include the simple fact that you do indeed get what you pay for. Every year at least half a dozen new pest control companies are advertised in our area. And there are usually a matching half dozen who have gone out of business.  In both cases they almost always advertise(d) that they are (were) the cheapest around.   We all pay the same price for our materials, so the only way to sell work for less than the cost of the materials is to do the job in slipshod manner and cheat on the products.  As a business person, whatever business you are in, there will always be competitors, and a majority of them will be these bottom feeders. Each seeking not to improve the image and value of his industry but only for his own short term gain at the expense of both his customers and his dignity. Such people contribute nothing of lasting value and when their businesses fail and they move on, they leave nothing behind them but a stain on the image of their industry.  I simply refuse to participate in that.

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