Sometimes people ask why Pest Management is so expensive. Well, one reason is the amount of government we have to deal with in Rhode Island. Here’s an example: In addition to being a Licensed Pest Management Professional I am certified in three separate categories which is, by the way, three more than most pest guys.

For each of those categories I must maintain 8 Contact Education Units or “CEUs”. I also have to pay the State of Rhode Island a fee every year and do all the paperwork to keep track of all those CEUs plus lose time out of work and travel all over the North East, often staying in pricey hotels, in order to take classes which also have costs attached. On average a CEU costs me about 250.00 dollars, all costs considered. That’s just to kill bugs and rats.

On top of that I am a Certified Nuisance Wildlife Control Specialist. Now it gets complicated… In order to be allowed to trap raccoons and skunks in Rhode Island a Pest Control guy has to also become a licensed hunter and trapper. Trapper as in Grizzly Adams. It used to be that Pest Management guys generally only got involved in Bats, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels and the rare Opossum. With the occasional oddball critter thrown in. We studied those things, knew them well, and dealt with them when the need arose. Guys who hunted deer or trapped beavers had their own regulations to deal with. Orange hats and all. We didn’t bother them and they didn’t talk to us. Out in the country where I grew up nuisance wildlife mitigation was simple. If something was after the chickens you dug a hole near where it liked to roam. One night you waited up and shot it. If you were lucky or planned well it dropped in the hole. Then you shoveled in the dirt and moved on. Pest… Managed.

But today they’ve lumped it all together. Your Friendly Neighborhood Bugman has had to become something of an expert in sciences that have just about nothing to do with the job at hand, namely, knowing stuff like what kind of trap to use for beavers… and in what season. My overall reaction: “Who cares!?” I have never laid eyes on a beaver, and likely never will. If you called me for a beaver problem I would tell you to call a beaver guy. I also have no interest in shooting a moose or a black bear. But by law I had to study a whole pile of incredibly dry and boring material, spending a LOT of time, and be able to prove that I had learned it back to front, in order to get a license to catch raccoons and skunks.

But it doesn’t end there. Since there are legal hunting and trapping seasons for such animals, and since they do not seem to know when they are in season and cooperatively arrange to invade homes only at those times, I also have to have a special permit to trap them OUT of season. And guess what… for each of those three licenses, and to take the test, there is a separate fee. My tax guy wanted to know why I paid the same fee three times (The memos and amounts were about the same.) I had to explain that I didn’t but that it was three separate fees for essentially the same thing.

So next time you wonder why it costs so much to catch a raccoon… Remember that in Rhode Island there is a fee for everything. And probably a special trap and time of year.

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